Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Public Policy & Regulatory

At Plunkett PLLC, we have the experience, skills, and relationships necessary to guide you through the regulatory and political minefields that threaten your business. Our specialty is working with companies to manage their day-to-day government relations strategies. We operate on behalf of clients locally, nationally, and in Washington D.C. Where we do not have direct access, we can usually provide you an introduction to a trusted partner, making certain that your organization’s total needs are covered no matter the zip code.

Westchester County, New York – Plunkett PLLC and its predecessor firms have operated in Westchester County for more than 40 years representing clients before the County and working on behalf of the County in various capacities, including on real estate transactions, permitting, procurement, bond/underwriting counsel, and counsel to the IDA and LDC, among others.
We have represented developers, technology providers, architects, engineers, and private equity sponsors in all manner of transactions in the County. Westchester is our home turf—and we share it with many other great firms—but if you have a “Westchester question,” do not hesitate to call us.

Albany, NY – We represent clients in direct lobbying before agencies and the various branches of government. Through multiple generations of working in Albany, we have earned a strong reputation for problem solving. We have worked on behalf of the government, companies, and non-profits to obtain relief from government action, change laws to favor client’s business models, avoid sanctions, create new business opportunities, and provide general advice and counseling on how to deal with the government.

Connecticut – Plunkett PLLC attorneys are licensed to work in Connecticut providing clients with a unique blend of experience and reach. In Connecticut, we have litigated real estate disputes and represented clients before state agencies pursuing changes to legislation and modified regulatory structures.

Washington D.C. is often the birthplace of legislation that ultimately impacts global commerce and local markets, and that means we must be there to protect our clients. The basis of our D.C. work comes from our relationships with the New York Congressional delegation, Senate and House leaders, their staff, and our friends in various offices. It is through this network that we advance our clients’ agenda.

National – A highly active niche for Plunkett is multi-state representation of clients. In these engagements, clients hire us to build and manage their national government affairs programs. Over the last 25 years, we have developed a strong network of partners, vendors, and service providers across the nation covering a wide range of topics. We are known for building teams with best-in-class judgment, discretion, and ability to execute the client mission. In these engagements, we counsel clients on political giving strategies, grassroot and media strategies, coalition building, advice on government actions, direct lobbying, and compliance.

Infrastructure/Public Private Partnerships (P3)

We have a unique perspective on infrastructure development. We have served as counsel to many state and private developers, and as a result we have seen how projects succeed and how projects fail. Our experience gives us unique insights into common political, grassroots, financial, and legal pitfalls that can derail projects. We have access to infrastructure partners in many states. We have worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation, and we would be pleased to share our experiences with you.

Government Contracting & Procurement

We represent clients requiring assistance navigating the increasingly complex world of public procurement. Whether it is in New York State, in New York City, or at the county or municipal level, we “have experience helping clients through the procurement process. Sometimes that means representing clients directly in front of an agency, and sometimes that means introducing clients to some of our other partners who can assist in the process. For example, we have clients who require partnerships with traditionally disadvantaged business operators (SDVOB, W/MBE, 8(a), ANC, etc.) and can match companies based on their needs. Other times we are asked to protest a procurement to protect our client’s interests. If you need advice on public procurement, please give us a call.


The pace of technological innovation forces regulatory changes in both the online and offline worlds. The expectation today is that privacy controls are built into every function of a business from its inception. “Privacy by design” principles are important to understand as they inform the development and implementation of compliance structures that are more important than ever for protecting your business, your employees, and customers.

You may believe that your local business is not impacted by newly implemented regulations in the EU, for example, but you must be certain. The penalties for non-compliance are too severe to ignore as you conduct even a cursory review of your business practices.

We focus on providing practical advice that helps our clients balance compliance with running a business in a cost-effective manner. We advise on a broad range of privacy and data protection matters, including:

– privacy policies and procedures;
– information handling;
– security breaches;
– regulatory investigations;
– global compliance;
– cross-border data transfers;
– training programs;
– compliance audits;
– commercial transactions;
– website privacy policies;
– email and telemarketing regulation;
– litigation; and
– legislative advocacy.

Start Up

Plunkett PLLC is a small business, a start-up, that faces many of the same risks as any other business that takes a leap of faith and tries to build something of value. We are familiar with the risks founders are taking. We appreciate the entrepreneurial drive and willingness to fail publicly, and we are acutely aware of the costs of starting a business. That is why we support start-up businesses with alternative fee arrangements—so that they are not sunk by legal costs—so we develop a true partnership with these companies.

Our role is to help you understand the regulatory environment you are facing and to develop a compliance structure that you can operate in without compromising the future of your business or drowning you in costs.

We love working with like-minded people. If you are a start-up and require assistance with regulatory agencies, please give us a call.

Safety Act

In the post-9/11 world, companies must consider using every tool at their disposal to mitigate risks, including risks to their reputations, their balance sheet, and workforce safety. The SAFETY Act is a powerful tool that limits liability for terrorist-related harms.

We advise clients on how to obtain coverage under the Support Antiterrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act (“SAFETY Act”) from the United States Department of Homeland Security pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, Public Law 107-296.

The purpose of the Act is to ensure that the threat of liability does not deter potential manufacturers or sellers of effective anti-terrorism technologies from developing and commercializing technologies that could save lives.

The Act potentially provides millions of dollars in risk-mitigation value to any company that can obtain coverage. Today, the statute has expanded to include business processes, cyber activity, and traditional coverage for service providers.

Any company that believes it could be negatively impacted by a terrorist event should be interested in the SAFETY Act.