About Us

About Us

Plunkett PLLC is a boutique law firm focused on providing solutions to clients who interact with government at the federal, state and local level. Our public policy and regulatory team provides strategic consulting, direct lobbying, national government relations management while also providing several areas of niche legal services. These areas include political law and compliance, infrastructure development, public private partnerships, procurement, risk mitigation via the SAFETY Act and services in the data privacy and security arena.

Our clients are brand name leaders in their respective industry sectors including some of the world’s best-known construction, engineering, finance, education, non-profit and infrastructure companies. We are problem solvers providing discreet counsel to sophisticated clients working in highly sensitive political environments. Our projects are usually high-level, large-scale project requiring experienced counseling by a team well versed in how projects reach a positive outcome.

Our commitment to any client is that we will provide high quality legal services at fair prices. We will demonstrate through action that we value relationships and seek to build long term relationships with clients—just as we have with our existing client base—many of whom have been with our team for more than a decade. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Vision & Core Values

At its essence the legal industry is about people, and as a service provider our focus in on those we serve, our clients. Our small firm understands the concept of leverage—that is—we don’t have much leverage and therefore we need to hustle and provide top quality work at fair prices. We need to earn trust and build loyalty by providing strong results. We cannot coast along based on long-term firm relationships or bill clients for the work of junior attorneys “untethered-to-reality” pay scales.

Our goal is to do well while doing good. We support our communities; our friends and we fight for our clients. We do all of this in the name of remaining an independent company not beholden to swollen economic models or chasing trends. We pride ourselves on providing sound legal advice and we are building this company based on our reputation for having provided quality services for decades.